Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Speaking a Foreign Language is Sexy in Korea

Tip for men on a blind date: learn some foreign words beforehand. Women are impressed, according to a survey.

"I like men speaking good English. It makes them look sexy, intelligent and very competent,'' said Yang Mi-kyoung, a 24-year-old who works for a fashion goods company.

"They also look very confident and I feel I could proudly introduce him to anyone,'' she added.

"I would like to marry a woman who can teach our future children English by herself. I know it sounds a bit selfish but we can save money and they can learn the language during life,'' Kim, who works at a construction company, said.

Matchmaking company Duo and English educational institute franchise conducted a survey of 242 single males and 315 females and found more than 66 percent of males and 82 percent of women have had experience of being attracted to the opposite sex with good foreign language skills.

Most replied that fluent foreign language speaking skills made their date eligible and competent, while some said the quality is important because they themselves do not have it. Both men and women thought being able to speak other languages is a basic attainment for everyone. Some said they want their counterpart to teach their future children English.

Moreover, 31 percent of women said a man's foreign language skill guarantees better income, indicating economics is a key reason for attraction.

However, the respondents themselves had little expectation for themselves in improving their language skills. About 77 percent said they have studied other languages after work. However, they said it was for their own satisfaction and that all they need is to be able to watch movies without having to read the captions below all the time. Instead, they had high hopes for their future spouses. The majority said they want the other to speak other languages in life.

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