Thursday, July 10, 2008

Progressively Paperless in Korea

I took this picture today in the Jungang subway station in Taegu (aka Daegu), the third largest city in South Korea. You can buy a condensed book (looks like less than 50 pages) for about US$2 in the vending machine. Several of the titles were about Warren Buffet, becoming a CEO, and other business management kinds of things. Many of the books were about learning English, one of Korea's national pastimes. Hillary’s book was for sale too.

Certainly, in a place like Korea, this technology will soon be replaced with machines with thousands of titles that will be transferred directly from the machine to your phone. Paperless doesn’t mean no paper. But digitizing the content means thousands more titles to choose from, lower distribution costs, more revenue, and happier customers. And after that, no machines. It will all be books on demand downloadable over the air.


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