Sunday, April 03, 2011

Photo: South Korean Street Food

These are photos from South Korea. I took it at a very famous, open 24/7 shopping central called Dong Dae Moon in Seoul. The lady in the first photo (above) obviously specializes in sea shells and other seafood. In the second photo, you find a menu on the top left corner that reads vertically from left to right,”chicken gizzart, chicken feet, octopus ocellatus, pig skin, seafood pancake, kimchi pancake, and udon. (the rest are not legible due to the reflection.) You also see a big sign on the top middle that reads “Original Mira’s Intestine.” In addition, you see Shin Ramen that you can find at Ralphs, Korean style sushi called “Gim Bap”, and boiled fishcake skewers.


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