Sunday, February 06, 2011

Marriages with foreigners soar in South Korea

One out of every 10 South Korean men and women gets married with a foreigner, with Chinese and Vietnamese brides being the most popular, according to data released Sunday.

Statistics Korea said 33,300 South Koreans tied the knot with foreigners in 2009 alone, accounting for 10.8 percent of all marriages here. It marks a big increase from 4,710, or 1.2 percent, in 1990 but a decline from 42,356, or 13.5 percent, in 2005.

In particular, 11,364 South Korean men wedded Chinese women and 7,249 others married Vietnamese women in 2009, the agency said.

The number of Filipino brides stood at 1,643, followed by Japan with 1,140, Cambodia with 851, Thailand with 496, the United States with 416, Mongolia with 386, Uzbekistan with 365 and Nepal with 316, it noted.


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