Friday, April 10, 2009

KTF launches mobile-controlled cleaning robot

KTF, the South Korean carrier that just released the Nokia 6210s, announced the introduction of a Cleaning Robot which can be controlled via 3G mobile phones.

Built in collaboration with the Korean company Microbot, the CW100 robot – which is actually a very smart vacuum cleaner – uses video calling to send live images to your phone. By seeing what the robot sees, you can remotely control its actions, helped by your phone’s keypad.

KTF says the new robot can also be used for monitoring kids, elders or pets at home.

The CW100 bot costs 500,000 KRW ($370) and it’s sold together with a wireless data plan of 5,000 KRW ($3.7) per month – required for video calling.

Reportedly, KTF intends to export the CW100 robot to France, through a partnership with France Telecom.

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